INEOS withdraw planning appeals for unconventional gas drilling in Falkirk

Concerned Communities of Falkirk (CCoF) are pleased to share the news that INEOS have finally decided to withdraw its appeals related to their 2012 planning application for "coal bed methane production, including drilling, well site establishment at 14 locations and associated infrastructure at Letham Moss, Falkirk, and Powdrake Road, near Airth, Plean", which was subject to a Public Inquiry in 2014 and an unsuccessful petition for Judicial Review in 2018.

We provided the following quote today to the Ferret website which broke the news:

"This is a huge relief for Falkirk communities. We have had the threat of this development hanging over our heads for over seven years. The Inquiry showed communities coming together, but we now need closure.  It's good to see that INEOS have finally put community concerns above profits and we thank them for that.  A swift closure of the Public Inquiry would benefit all concerned."


Publication date: 

Saturday, March 14, 2020