DPEA Reporters call for additional Dart Inquiry session

All parties involved in the Dart Energy Appeal public inquiry, including CCoF, have been asked by the DPEA's reporters to provide further evidence at an additional inquiry session, lasting 1-2 days, which will take place in July or August.

The evidence will relate to the amended Scottish Planning Policy (SPP), which is due to be published by Scottish Ministers in June, and will also cover the report (if available) that emerges from the Independent Expert Scientific Panel on Unconventional Oil and Gas, which has been convened by the Scottish Government.

Update 23/04/2014: It may be that the evidence can be submitted in writing, but if an inquiry session is necessary, the dates of 5 and 7 August 2014 have provisionally been agreed with the parties who took part in the inquiry and hearing sessions.

Publication date: 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014