Controversial Falkirk gas drilling plan probed

"An expert witness for an energy company wanting to drill for gas in the Forth Valley admitted on the first day of a public enquiry that an emergency gas leak could happen one time in ten years", writes Shan Ross for the Scotsman.

The journalist also reported on her conversations with CCoF members who were present on the first day of the inquiry - although the concern "about possible health risks from methane gas" attributed to one of our members, Dr Fiona Williams, did not quite convey her concerns regarding fugitive emissions and their effects on air quality; but this is understandable as the issues being debated are complex.

CCoF comment: The first day of the inquiry was very revealing, especially regarding risks and failure rates, and there were fascinating, enlightening exchanges as Dart Energy's drilling methods and waste disposal processes were discussed.

Publication date: 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014