Urgent alert stickmen cartoon

A simple cartoon of two stickmen residents discussing an urgent appeal from CCoF for donations:


Resident 1: "Hey! Have you heard that the plan to pursue Coalbed Methane Gas Extraction right on our doorstep has now gone to a Public Inquiry?"
Resident 2: "I had no idea! What does that mean for us now?"
Resident 1: "Well, in fairness, whilst it’s not the best news, it’s still good news for us because we get an opportunity to put our case across as local residents."
Resident 2: "That still sounds really worrying! How are we going to get our case across as a community?"
Resident 1: "It is really worrying. But there’s a group called CCoF, formed by local residents to represent local people. They have built a really strong case against CBM, based on independently researched scientific and technical evidence. They’ve even found a great legal team, and helped to convince both Falkirk and Stirling Councils to reject the planning application. Now they really need our help!!!!"
Resident 2: "Help with what?"
Resident 1: "Strong legal Representation, mainly – and other expenses of the Inquiry. CCoF are just residents with families and work commitments – without further funds, the group won’t be able to hire the legal team necessary to put forward the community’s case. You know what it’s like – without cash, you can’t fight the big machine!"
Resident 2: "Brilliant! How Do I Donate?"

Donating is Easy follow this link or visit the web page for further information:-

Thanks in advance for your support!
Season's Greetings from all of us at CCoF