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This 2013 World Health Organization report says the following about the health impacts of fracking:

"Many of the chemicals used in fracking include known and suspected carcinogens. At least 75% are said to negatively affect the skin, eyes and other sensory organs, along with the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems (Colborn et al., 2011). Furthermore, each fracking event uses millions of gallons of water. Shale gas development also produces wastewater, which enters groundwater reservoirs and contaminates it with toxic elements (Passoff, 2012). Research on fracking wastewater has found toxicity levels above allowable thresholds, as well as radioactive materials picked up underground; materials that have been shown to cause liver, bone and breast cancers (Passoff, 2012). Moreover, inhalation health hazards were identified for workers exposed to crystalline silica at hydraulic fracturing sites."