CCoF witnesses

Concerned Communities of Falkirk are very grateful to the following witnesses who appeared at the Dart Energy Public Inquiry. You can read their precognition statements which are linked below.

Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith

Dr Lloyd-Smith has a Ph.D. in chemical law with 30 years of experience in chemical and waste management and policy. She has been observing and commenting on UG development in Australia for several years, and is Senior Advisor to the National Toxics Network (in Australia).

Dr Mariann LLoyd-Smith's precognition statement

Dr Ian Fairlie

Dr Fairlie is an independent consultant on radioactivity. He has degrees in chemistry and radiation biology. His doctoral studies at the Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine (UK) and at Princeton University (US) examined nuclear waste technologies. Dr Fairlie has acted as consultant to Government Departments in the UK, Canada and the European Parliament. Most recently, he was scientific Secretary to the Government’s Committee Examining the Radiation Risks of Internal Emitters.

Dr Ian Fairlie's (revised) precognition statement

Professor David Smythe

Professor Smythe is Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, University of Glasgow. Prior to taking up this Chair, he was employed for 14 years by the British Geological Survey, initially as a research officer, ultimately as Principal Scientific Officer. Amongst other things, he served on the British Nuclear Fuels Ltd Geological Review Panel when it was searching for a UK underground nuclear waste repository in the 1990s.

Prof David K Smythe's precognition statement

Dr Geralyn McCarron

Dr McCarron is a general medical practitioner (GP) from Northern Ireland who lives and works in Queensland, Australia. She has been observing and commenting on UG development in Australia for the last 2 years. She has first-hand knowledge of the symptoms reported by residents in areas of UG development.

Dr Geralyn McCarron's precognition statement

Professor Andrew Watterson

Prof. Watterson is Director of the Centre for Public Health and Population Health Research and Head of the Occupational and Environmental Health Research Group at Stirling University.

Prof Andrew Watterson's precognition statement

Dr Tom Crompton

Tom Crompton, MA, PhD, has worked for some of the country’s largest NGOs on cultural values, how they are shaped, and their importance in underpinning social and environmental concern. He has advised the UK, Scottish and Welsh governments on issues related to cultural values, has collaborated in research with some of the world’s foremost academics working in this area, and has published widely on cultural values in both peer-reviewed and popular journals.

Dr Tom Crompton's precognition statement

Cllr David Alexander

Mr Alexander is SNP Councillor for Falkirk North Ward. He was leader of Falkirk Council from February 2001 to May 2007.

David Alexander's precognition statement

Cllr Steven Carleschi

Mr Carleschi is a councillor for Carse, Kinnaird & Tryst ward of Falkirk Council.

Steven Carleschi's precognition statement

Mrs Alison Doyle

Mrs Doyle is a resident of Kinnaird Village in Larbert and is both a mother and grandmother.

Alison Doyle's precognition statement

Mr Eric Appelbe

Mr Appelbe is the Convener of Larbert, Stenhousemuir and Torwood Community Council.

Eric Appelbe's precognition statement

Leslie Dick

Mr Dick is a farmer and owner of approximately 1000 acres of arable land which has been in his family for nearly a century and which lies within the application boundary. The Application proposes that 5 well sites and a processing site be constructed on his farming land. One exploratory well site already exists there.

Leslie Dick's precognition statement