FAUG campaign

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The Falkirk Against Unconventional Gas (FAUG) campaign, as it is now called, began in Larbert when a number of local residents became aware of Dart Energy's planning application which would see Coal Bed Methane drilling trajectories under new houses being built in Kinnaird Village, and within metres of existing houses. A small group of residents from Kinnaird Village and The Inches came together through word-of-mouth and social media to share their concerns, and they put together an informational leaflet which they dropped through letter boxes in the area. As a result of this initial campaign, on November 22nd 2012 approximately 250 local residents met in Kinnaird Primary School's dinner hall to discuss the planning application - see the residents meeting minutes 2012-11-22.

A few days later a delegation of residents raised the matter at a meeting of Larbert, Stenhousemuir and Torwood Community Council who agreed to object officially to the planning application and deliver leaflets throughout the area so that more residents would become aware of the risks posed by the proposed developments. 

There followed a series of public meetings, and out of those meetings came the Community Mandate, which is a detailed objection letter, and latterly the Community Charter, which is a rights-based document that sets out all the things in our local area which residents have agreed are fundamental to the present and future health of our communities.

The Charter made history as a UK first and has so far been signed by Larbert, Stenhousemuir and Torwood Community Council, 31 local farmers, hundreds of local residents and over half of Falkirk Council.

As for the Mandate, we carried out a door-to-door campaign, taking the Mandate and Unconventional Gas Free petition to households in the Falkirk area. More than 2500 mandates were signed by concerned residents and submitted to Falkirk Council and/or the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals before they stopped accepting objections in July 2013. The petition garnered more than 1300 signatures. There have also been objections from numerous Falkirk community councils and other groups, including the West Fife & Coastal Villages Community Councils Forum. As a result of this unprecedented number of objections, the planning application is now going to be decided in a public inquiry.

Kinnaird Village and The Inches households oppose Coal Bed Methane plans

The image below is a map showing a record of mandate/petition signing in Kinnaird Village and The Inches in Larbert. The green areas on the map below show streets where a majority of households have signed mandate(s) and/or the petition. The actual percentages signing in each street are also shown. Note that some areas were not covered before the DPEA's deadline for objections, and note also that these are minimum percentages as many people have posted mandates direct to Falkirk Council and the numbers shown here are based on only the mandates collected by door-to-door volunteers.

Map of Kinnaird and The Inches in Larbert where mandate-signing streets are marked in green