About Concerned Communities of Falkirk

Concerned Communities of Falkirk (CCoF) is a constituted group of residents from various communities throughout the Falkirk area who have come together because of their concerns over an important and controversial planning application for the first commercial production of unconventional gas in the UK. You can read a brief summary of our concerns on our homepage.
According to the constitution we adopted in December 2013 the objects of CCoF are:
  1. to support the communities of Falkirk in opposing and resisting planning applications, or local, national or European government policies, which may be deemed to pose significant risks to the wellbeing of the inhabitants of the area and/or the local environment.
  2. to encourage the goodwill and involvement of the wider community in our activities.

CCoF's position on Unconventional Gas

As per the quote we gave to the Falkirk Herald in August 2014, CCoF's position on unconventional gas is is as follows:

"Until it is proven safe for public health and the local environment, we will continue to be against unconventional gas production (anywhere in the world) and object to coal bed methane and shale gas planning applications in the Falkirk area".

Concerned residents or scaremongering activists?

We are not hardened activists - for most of us FAUG is the first campaign we have ever been involved in. And we are not misguided or misinformed 'scaremongerers', as our Community Mandate and our Community Charter, which you can now sign on this website, hopefully demonstrate. And if those documents do not convince you then please read the extremely thorough precognition statement by David K. Smythe, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, University of Glasgow, who concludes that Dart Energy's planned development "poses a threat to groundwater resources over the entire area of the [Proposed Development Area], and there is the additional risk that fugitive methane may even reach the surface", and, therefore, in his view, "the development should not be permitted".

We are also, thankfully, not alone. There are other groups out there campaigning against Dart Energy's planning application, and you can read the reasons why 9 Falkirk's community councils are opposed.

We are concerned about our local environment, we are concerned about the future of Falkirk, but most of all we are concerned about our health - see Professor Andrew Watterson's article on Unconventional gas extraction and public health.