What you can do

As of October 3rd 2017 Scotland has effectively banned fracking! Thank you to everyone who signed our community charter or community mandate and/or submitted a response to the Scottish Government's Public Consultation on Unconventional Oil and Gas.

There is a chance that a future Scottish Government could overturn this decision therefore we support calls for the Scottish Government to take the final step and pass a law banning fracking, when the powers over onshore oil and gas licensing are devolved to the Scottish Parliament under the Scotland Act 2016. The decision of the Scottish Government will go to a vote in Parliament at some point after 23 October. Friends of the Earth Scotland have produced an e-action to MSPs thanking for efforts so far and calling on them to push the Government to go further and commit to passing a law banning fracking.

Please sign and share: https://act.foe.scot/put-fracking-ban-law.

Below is a list of other actions that you can still take if you share our concerns about unconventional gas extraction.

  1. If you live in the Falkirk area you can still sign our Community Charter, a rights-based document that sets out all the things in our local area which residents have agreed are fundamental to the present and future health of our communities, and which may be at risk from unconventional gas extraction.
  2. Write to your local councillors, MSP and MP to ensure they vote with the Scottish Government on this issue. They can be found by entering your postcode at www.writetothem.com.