News flash: Dart Energy appealed to the Scottish Government on the grounds that Falkirk Council 'failed to make a decision' on planning application P-12-0521-FUL. The government then passed it to the independent reporters in the Department of Planning and Environmental Appeals - see Case PPA-240-2032; a Public Inquiry took place; and, finally, in October 2014 we were informed that Scottish Ministers have decided that the Dart Energy appeals should be recalled for their own determination due to the "high level of public interest in these proposals".

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Dart Energy today published a Scheme Booklet detailing their proposed acquisition by IGas Energy PLC which may not go through if they lose their current planning appeals in Falkirk and Stirling.

All parties in the Dart Energy public inquiry, including CCoF, today agreed to submit written evidence on NPF3 and the revised SPP.

The revised Scottish Planing Policy (SPP) released today, June 23 2014, stipulates the inclusion of risk assessments and buffer zones in CBM and fracking planning applications.

A day before the release of the revised Scottish Planning Policy (SPP), Stirling University's Professor Andrew Watterson emailed an open letter to Scottish Ministers regarding the SPP and the Unconventional Gas Industry. Read the full text here.

A eulogy for CCoF founder member Gerard Brophy delivered today at Gerard's funeral service by Jamie McKenzie Hamilton, CCoF Secretary.

We are very sad to announce the loss of Gerard Brophy, a local solicitor and a founding member of CCoF, who passed away on Thursday 29th May at Strathcarron Hospice.

All parties involved in the Dart Energy Appeal public inquiry, including CCoF, have been asked by the DPEA reporters to provide further evidence at an additional inquiry session, lasting 1-2 days, which will take place in July or August.

As Scotland's environmental regulator, SEPA fielded a number of experts to provide information to the Scottish Government Reporters who are conducting the ongoing planning inquiry into the Dart Energy proposals for coal bed methane extraction near Airth.

In the first week of the Dart Energy Public Inquiry we heard detailed evidence relating to the gas and water treatment facility (GDWTF), drilling, geology, hydrogeology and fugitive emissions.

"A public inquiry into plans to drill for gas in the Forth Valley begins [today]", reports STV news (includes video of CCoF member and local resident, Martin Lynagh).

An expert witness for an energy company wanting to drill for gas in the Forth Valley admitted on the first day of a public enquiry that an emergency gas leak could happen one time in ten years, writes Shan Ross for the Scotsman.

A public inquiry into controversial proposals to drill for gas in the Forth valley is under way in Falkirk, The BBC reports (with video footage including CCoF member and local resident, Martin Lynagh).

An internal report from Scotland's environment watchdog, warns of a "high risk" of water pollution from drilling for underground gas. CCoF point out that Dart Energy have no plans for fracking in Falkirk, but the risks of water contamination from coal bed methane extraction will be discussed at the upcoming public inquiry.

Scotland’s draft national planning framework and policy lacks clarity on planning rules for unconventional gas, according to the Scottish Parliament’s Energy Committee. The committee's recommendations for the SPP, which were decided in a private voting session, include a 'robust separation distance' be determined on a case-by-case basis rather than a fixed distance 'buffer zone'; but Scottish Greens claim the "planning report shows SNP lacking on fracking".

The Airth Castle Dinner Dance and the Gastonbury fundraising gig were a fantastic success raising £13,000 and £2,000 respectively. We've now exceeded our minimum fundraising target, making it possible for us to continue to instruct our legal team, but we still need to raise further funds.

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