Community Mandate and online objection letter

If you share our community's concerns about Dart Energy's plans for coalbed methane (CBM) production, as detailed in our Community Mandate, and you haven't already submitted a paper copy to Falkirk Council or the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA), please complete and send the web form below and we will record your objection.

Although, as of July the 8th 2013,  Falkirk Council and the the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals are no longer accepting objection letters we will still keep counting submissions from our supporters on this website until further notice. A large number of objections will aid our cause if, as expected, the DPEA Reporter calls for a Public Inquiry.

Please do not submit duplicate information using multiple email addresses as such submissions will not be counted, and please note that your objection may be placed in the public domain (with contact details obscured) - see Planning Application P/12/0521/FUL and/or Case Reference PPA-240-2032 for further details.

To the governments of Scotland and the United Kingdom,

I, standing in complete support of the Community of Kinnaird Village and the Inches; of Larbert, Stenhousemuir and Torwood Community Council; of Falkirk Council Plans; and of all other local, Scottish and UK communities who will be affected by proposals to extract unconventional gas now, and in the future; will not permit Dart Energy's current Planning Application P/12/0521/FUL to go ahead near homes, schools, recreational areas, farmland and natural spaces, until the concerns raised in the Community Mandate ( have been addressed to the satisfaction of the community. Please accept this email and the Community Mandate to which it refers as an official objection to P/12/0521/FUL and a record of my support of the Community Mandate.

The Community Mandate makes the following demands:

  1. The Local and National Policy and Regulatory framework must be overhauled in light of scientific and anecdotal evidence of the risks from CBM extraction elsewhere.
  2. The Dart Proposal must be re-assessed thoroughly under this new framework and according to the 'Precautionary Principle'.
  3. Our Community and Falkirk Council must be comprehensively and transparently informed and consulted regarding the design, implementation and outcomes of any assessment under the new framework, all the potential risks, and are active participants in the subsequent monitoring regime.
  4. Together, our Community and Falkirk Council must give proper consideration to renewable energy alternatives.

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