Community Mandate

If you share our community's concerns about Dart Energy's plans for coalbed methane (CBM) production, as detailed in our  Community Mandate, you can show your support by submitting our Online objection letter. Although the DPEA's deadline passed on 8 July 2013 we are continuing to record objections on this website. 

The Community Mandate makes the following demands:

  1. The Local and National Policy and Regulatory framework must be overhauled in light of scientific and anecdotal evidence of the risks from CBM extraction elsewhere.
  2. The Dart Proposal must be re-assessed thoroughly under this new framework and according to the 'Precautionary Principle'.
  3. Our Community and Falkirk Council must be comprehensively and transparently informed and consulted regarding the design, implementation and outcomes of any assessment under the new framework, all the potential risks, and are active participants in the subsequent monitoring regime.
  4. Together, our Community and Falkirk Council must give proper consideration to renewable energy alternatives.